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Airdrie’s Premier Rent-to-Own Program!

What is Rent-to-Own?

It is a unique buying strategy that allows people to begin the process of home ownership.

It is an amazing vehicle for people who can afford a bank mortgage but can not qualify for one today.

It is a “Stepping Stone” to conventional bank financing.

You can live in the home of your dreams today and enjoy all the benefits that come with home ownership, while you save your down payment, or repair or establish your credit.

A traditional bank mortgage is our GOAL for you.

Why Us!

30+ qualified Rent-to-Own tenants

30+ Mortgage Qualifications

30+ home Owners

18 families currently in our Lease to Own Program

NO OTHER Airdrie Rent-to-Own company has that PROVEN track record!

Ask us for OUR references – client testimonials, local real estate lawyers, brokers, realtors, mortgage brokers

Airdrie experts - Local family owned small business operating for 20 years

We take pride in Airdrie as a GREAT place to live and do business. We are Airdrie’s premier Rent-to-Own company.

Our specialty - creative and flexible solutions!

Whatever your situation – we work with real life and real life situations.

Proudly turning Renters into Home Owners since 2009

Proven. Experienced. Trusted.

Proven. Experienced. Trusted.

Is home ownership your goal?

  • It can be difficult to reach this goal if you are unable to qualify today for a traditional bank mortgage.
  • Consider Peak Housing Solutions PROVEN Rent-to-Own Program! It Works!

Picture you and your family living on a quiet street, with a yard for your kids and pets, a garage for your car, and the pride that comes with home ownership.

Can’t qualify for a traditional bank mortgage?

  • With Peak Housing Solution’s advanced Rent-to-Own program  – HOME OWNERSHIP is attainable.
  • Our program is a “stepping stone” between you and a conventional bank mortgage.
  • NO BANK qualifying today

When the bank says no, we say YES!

No more throwing your money away on rent.

No more landlords selling your home out from under you or telling you what you can and can not do.

You can kiss your landlord goodbye!

You have the right to decorate, renovate and improve the value of the home….all before you step inside a bank. You will have the freedom to make the house your home.

And yes, you get to live in your home while you are being qualified – what bank has ever offered you that!

You CAN work towards home ownership!

Let us show you how.

Renting to Own with Peak Housing Solutions provides you with

  • Lower Down Payment – you can get started without the full 5% down payment saved in advance.
  • Monthly Purchase Credits – building your down payment as you go.
  • Creative and Flexible termsA Personalized Payment Plan designed just for your financial circumstance
  • Time – to repair your credit and save down payment
  • No Bank Qualifying today – we approve you directly for our program
  • Pride in Working Towards Home Ownership
  • Stability and Peace of Mind
  • Promotion of Financial Knowledge – access to our professional financial team who specialize in Rent-to-Own qualification and credit building.

Our qualified and professional team is with you every step of the way!
Move-in Day is Just Around the Corner!

Why now?

The sooner you start – the sooner you can become a home owner.

OUR PERSONAL PROMISE TO YOU. We have the ability to design a unique solution to your home ownership challenge

  • each financial situation is unique
  • each home is unique
  • each solution is unique

No one is more committed to helping you achieve your dreams of home ownership.

Benefits of Rent-to-Own

  • focuses you on your goal – HOME OWNERSHIP – it is a start!
  • built-in accountability
  • manageable payments
  • you get to live in the house while you are being qualified
  • you can make changes or improvements to the house – just like all home owners!
  • guidance and support with our expert team
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