To our current and prospective Tenants:

We are updating this document as Government announcements come out.  If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact Sandra, Janelle or Amy.

Contact is best made through:
403-980-HOME 4663
Or your Tenant Portal on Property Vista

  • We are here to help you understand what options are available for you regarding income supplementation.
  • We are here to communicate with you in regards to rent concerns.
  • Maintenance requests are being prioritized and currently we are only dealing with urgent requests to ensure tenant safety

As of March 26/2020:

Provincial and Federal Government Financial Aids to help those impacted by COVID 19

  • Coming in May – Receive double the GST payment. This is likely about $400 for a single to $600 for a family.
  • Coming in May – Receive $300 per child in extra child tax benefit – If you already receive CCTB, you do not need to apply for the extra benefit.
  • Apply for EI immediately EVEN if still employed but on reduced hours. There are 3 options of EI available:
    • Sick benefits – for those that are in quarantine or self isolation. This is the option that you can call the provided 1-800 # to apply for immediate assistance, or no waiting period.
    • Lay-offs – You will be required to submit your ROE which is accessible through your MYCRA account. So far, this one still has the 1 week waiting period. o Work Share – If your hours at work have been reduced please apply for the work share program immediately. You will receive compensation for the hours lost. So far, this one still has the 1 week waiting period.
    • Effective April 6 the Federal Government will have available the Canadian Emergency Response Benefit (CERB) which will offer $2,000.00/mth for the next 4 months. If you have been laid-off due to Covid-19, are off work to look after someone who is sick, is forced to be off work to look after children, or who’s employer has said not to come into work; are encouraged to apply for CERB. Anyone who has applied for EI, but is still waiting on payment, is eligible to apply. However, if you are receiving EI currently you would not qualify. This benefit will also apply for people who would not normally qualify for EI. Please visit; finance/news/2020/03/introduces-canada-emergency-response-benefit-to-help- workers-and-businesses.html for more information on this benefit and how to apply.

To help expedite your application for EI benefits, sign up for ‘My Account’ at Service Canada. Much faster than trying to call in. (if you don’t have an account set up, you can use your banking login to get set up asap).

  • AB Emergency Financial Assistance – A ONE-TIME payment of $1,142.00. This was put in place to “bridge” the gap for those waiting on EI or any other supports. **Please note; if you are already receiving EI from a claim opened prior to COVID-19 or receiving other financial supports through AISH or any others you will not qualify.** To sign up for the benefit, go to AND DO IT NOW, as there is a ten day waiting period to create an account if you do not already have one set up