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About us

Peak Housing Solutions Ltd. is a family run local business that is committed to making a difference by mentoring and empowering people to achieve their home ownership goals.

Is owning a home your goal?

We believe in offering all the necessary tools to assist families start on the path to home ownership.  Through mentorship and creative solutions, our team has helped 30 plus families go from being tenants to happy homeowners.

With a long track record as landlords (17 years!)  we enjoy a strong reputation in “ethical rent to own.”    We are long time Airdrie residents who take pride in this community and we run this business on “Rent to Win and not Rent to Fail.” 

Our program focuses on

  • Raising awareness about Rent-to-Own to ensure people are getting accurate information about their financing options.
  • We devote much of our time on educating people on how RTO works, what the pitfalls could be and if it is the right fit for someone’s situation.

We are NOT Real Estate Agents offering other people’s properties for sale.   We are a property investment company and we OWN each and every one of the homes.  That is security for you! We make all the decisions that will affect you and your family

Don’t count yourself out!

You can become a homeowner!  Call us or Apply now!

Lynda and Neill Taniguchi
Peak Housing Solutions Ltd. 

Lynda and Neill Taniguchi

Lynda and Neill Taniguchi

Proven. Experienced. Trusted.

When the bank says no, we say YES!

No more throwing your money away on rent.

No more landlords selling your home out from under you or telling you what you can and can not do.

You can kiss your landlord goodbye!

You have the right to decorate, renovate and improve the value of the home….all before you step inside a bank.
You will have the freedom to make the house your home.

And yes, you get to live in your home while you are being qualified – what bank has ever offered you that!

You CAN work towards home ownership!

Let us show you how.

Meet our Highly Qualified Team

Debbie Matus

Debbie Matus

Office Manager - Debbie came to Peak Housing Solutions in 2011! She gets all the details done and the paperwork heading in the right direction. What would we do without Debbie! Our clerical bloodhound is...
Janelle Dreger

Janelle Dreger

Operations Manager - Janelle has been a part of the Peak Housing Team since 2013. Whether it’s tenants, rent-to-own deals, mortgage qualifications, or overseeing property renovations, she is always on top of it! Janelle and...
Sandra Jiggins

Sandra Jiggins

Property Manager - Sandra started manning the phones and is now showing properties and guiding clients to home ownership. Sandra’s straight forward approach and attention to detail help find the home that is right for...
Amy Robinson

Amy Robinson

Incoming Call Specialist - Amy is our front line person! When you call Peak Housing – Amy has the answers for you and will take care of all your needs. Amy will answer any questions...

For us, the opportunity to meet and educate so many new people is the best part of what we do.

You can become a homeowner!

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