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In today’s economic climate, it has become increasingly difficult for people to qualify for a traditional bank mortgage.

We have successfully helped 30 plus families qualify for a mortgage.

Why Choose Peak Housing Solutions?

  • We are Airdrie Experts!
  • We are a local family-owned small business operating for 20 years
  • No other Airdrie Rent-to-Own company has our proven track record,
  • We take pride in Airdrie as a great place to live and do business.
  • We are Airdrie’s premier Rent-to-Own company.
  • Our specialty is personalized, creative and flexible solutions that work for you.
  • Whatever your situation, we work with real life situations.

Is Home Ownership Your Goal?

  • It can be difficult to reach this goal if you are unable to qualify for a traditional bank mortgage.
  • Home ownership is attainable with Peak Housing Solution’s  Rent-to-Own Program.
  • Our Program is a “stepping stone” between you and a conventional bank mortgage.
  • Picture you and your family living on a quiet street, with a yard for your kids and pets, a garage for your car, and the pride that comes with home ownership.
  • Consider Peak Housing Solutions’ PROVEN Rent-to-Own Program! It works!



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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Rent-to-Own for you? Read some of our frequently asked questions

Our Rent-to-Own program is all about helping someone who not only has bruised their credit but, more importantly, is taking or is willing to take the steps required to improve it. As long as we can see that your credit is repairable, you are a candidate for our Rent-to-Own program.

Yes.  It has been our experience that Rent to Own clients who have “skin in the game” have a higher probability of qualifying/success, to the point where we rarely offer zero-down deals.  From the beginning, you are invested and financially committed to this deal, as are we. The bank will require money down once you have qualified for your mortgage, and the deposit serves to start you down the road to fulfilling the down payment.

We ask: “What is the most that can you afford to put towards the down payment on your new home?”   The more that you put down before you move in equates to a reduced monthly Option Payment.  Depending on your situation, the bank will be looking for between five and twenty percent down at time of purchase.  You are going to be paying towards that down payment in two ways – with the up-front Option deposit and with the monthly Option Payment.  We have flexible terms suited to each client’s financial needs.  Some clients can pay more up front while others pay more monthly.

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